widows rehabilitation Centre

Scheme of helping widows in rehabilitation, pension, child education, daughter’s marriage

widows rehabilitation Centre | Rehabilitation plan for Delhi widows | Rehabilitation Centre for widows | Rehabilitation Center for Women


Serving humanity from last 15 years, support extended to thousands

OBJECTIVE : To provide relief & Support to poor widows & helping them for self sustenance.


1. Monthly pension to widows (in cash)
2. Financial Assistance to  Widows for purchase of books & stationery, Medicines
4. Financial assistance for marriage of Widow’s Daughters.
5. Providing new Sewing machines tp widows / their daughters.
6. Free Cataract operations / new spectacles for needy.
7. Free artificial limbs, as per the need.
8. Helping financially, Widows / their daughters, to stand on their own feet, to learn various courses like Beautician, Tailoring, Stitching, Computer.
9. Blankets, Utensils, Clothes distribution during Winters.


We welcome, old clothes in good usable condition, for distribution.

Blankets provided to:

  • Ajay, Rickshaw puller
  • Babloo, Rickshaw puller
  • Naseem, Cycle repair worker
  • Raju, Rickshaw puller
  • Rajesh, Rickshaw puller

Books /Stationery items provide to:

  1. Smt Jayshree,        Kotla,          Rs. 800
  2. Smt Tarkesh,         Palam,        Rs. 800
  3. Smt Komal,           Palam,         Rs 800
  4. Smt Sharda           Paharganj   Rs. 1600
  5. Smt Rakesh          Paharganj    Rs. 1600
  6. Smt. Mithlesh      Nabi kareem Rs. 1600


  • Rampravesh           Kodia Pul             Rs. 3500

Monthly Pension to widows @ Rs. 1000 per month:


Financial Assistance for marriage of Widow’s daughters. (Rs. 2,500 each)

  1. Smt Veena Kotla
  2. Sadhna Khanpur
  3. Smt Varsha Srinivaspuri
  4. Smt Shakuntla Kotla
  5. Smt Rajo Devi, (New sewing machine)

Medicines / New spectacles

  1. Sdr Sadhu Singh                Lajpat Nagar       Rs. 2468
  2. Ainar                                    Dakshin Puri       Rs.  900
  • Total no. 13