Lajpat Bhawan Auditorium Inauguration

28 July 2018

Lots of effort put in by two key players, namely Mr. Raj Kumar, Chairman, and Mr. Vasu M, Vice Chairman of SOPS, Delhi Branch finally paid off. A beautiful ultra modern Auditorium came into existence in place of a hall. It was possible because of unstinted support of Shri Deepak Malviya, President of SOPS

Idea was generated, few years back to change the image / public perception of the people about Servants Of the People Society. Lajpat Bhawan (yeah I know, place where sales happens by various companies)

Lajpat Bhawan Auditorium (yes beautiful place, I have been there to attend a cultural programme organized by the school, where my son studies) 
(have a look at the pics which speak of the modern beauty & grandeur of the Auditorium)

Day started with remembering the All Mighty, with a small Pooja ceremony performed by Pandit ji, along with Mr. Raj Kumar, Sh. S C Bahri & Mr. Vasu. Many staff members also joined the Pooja.

Inaugurating the hall, Shri Deepak Malviya, cut the traditional ribbon, amongst the claps & cheers from the group of staff members and other dignitaries.

“Lighting the lamp”  performed by distinguished dignitaries including Deepak Malviya, Raj Kumar, Niranjan Rath All India Secretary, and Shri Kirti Bhai Pandey Vice President. Mr. Malviya, Mr. Raj Kumar

Mr. Malviya, Mr Raj Kumar & Mr. Vasu M, addressed the audience to share the brief history of tremendous efforts, financial management & other road blocks, they had to handle & manage, to reach this stage

Students of BRMV gripped the audience attention with some beautiful classical dances, skits and short plays for about 2 hours. A loud applause confirmed the degree of enjoyment of the audience.
Programme concluded with National Anthem, with all standing and paying respect.
Lajpat Bhawan Auditorium is now open for Social, Cultural programmes.

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