Delhi Public Library

Delhi Public Library

Purushottam Das Tandon Library


PDT Library is set up in South Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar, since 1960 when there was no Library in the area.

The library comprises of Circulation Section for Adults, Reference Section, Children Section, and a Reading Room. Special services for students are preparations for competitions exam like IAS, Banking, Civil service, SSC, Medical, and CAT etc.


We have a comprehensive collection of more than 60,000 books which is continuously extended in line with the introduction of new courses.

Covering Philosophy, Religion, Pure Science, Social Science, Engineering, Management, Humanities, Naturopathy, Psychology, Art or Ancient Art, sculpture Literature Hindi & English, Fiction, Biographies, History, Rare Books, And Reference books.

We also subscribes to an exhaustive list of Magazine, periodicals and newspapers.


Our members: We are proud that we are serving neighbourhood and all users are Students, Researchers, Professionals, children, senior citizen, and general readers.

  • No of Total Books: 60,000
  • No of Reference Books: 100
  • No of Hindi Books: 7206
  • No. of children Books Section: 6206
  • No. of Newspaper: 15
  • No. of Magazine/Periodical: 45
  • No. of Visitors (Per Day): 50
  • No. of Issue/ Returns (Per Day): 30
  • No. of Members Adults: 10,714
  • No of Members Children: 1918
  • No of Life time Members: 276


Membership:                          For Children‘s Section           For General Section

  • Membership Form Fee                      Free                                     Free
  • Security Deposit (Refundable)          500                                    1000


  • April to Jun (for 3 Month)                 25                                      150
  • April to Sep (For 6 Month)                50                                      200
  • April to Dec (For 9 Month)                75                                      300
  • April to March (For 12 Month)         100                                    400
  • 10 year Membership for Children/Adult/Sr. Citizen        Rs. 3000/-

You are welcome for membership. Kindly bring two Passport Photos, one Address and one photo ID Proof


Knowledge is potential power.

Spread the knowledge, donate your old books and contribute to spread the knowledge. One of most effective social service you can do.

Want to donate old books?

Do visit us………………………….


Address: Purushottamdas Tandon Library (Servants of the People Society) Delhi Branch, Lajpat Bhawan, Lajpat                           Nagar-iv, New Delhi-110024

 Phone: 011-26479601

Opening Hours: 9:30 AM to 7:20 PM (Mondays to Saturday)

Closing Days: Sunday & Indian Public Holidays

Email ID: