Best NGO in world

Servants of the People Society have multiple branches all across India and Delhi. Best NGO in world  is also one of the branches. At the all India level the Governing Body consist of Life Members, who today number about nine. Each Life Member has a responsibility to oversee the functioning of these branches, however local administration is generally autonomous working under the guidance of life member in charge as chairman. Except policy decisions, all local issues are dealt with, within the branch.

S.O.P.S. Delhi Branch Management Committee consists of the following  members:

  1.  Shri Raj Kumar (Life Member)- Chairman

  2.  Shri S. Raghunathan (IAS)
  3.  Shri Baldev Mahajan
  4.  Shri Vasu Mansharamani
  5.  Shri Pritam Singh
  6.  Dr. S.K.Agarwal
  7.  Shri Niranjan Rath (Sec. SOPS)
  8. Shri Harbhans Lal
  9.  Ms. Veena Bawa
  10.  Grp Capt S.C Bahari
  11. Ms. Sreelata Rudra

The overall administrative work is being looked after by the Chief Administrative Officer. This job at present is being handled by Shri Vasu Mansharamani with the support of HoDs of different welfare Units and 90 dedicated workers. The welfare activities carried out by the SOPS, Delhi Branch are as follows:

1. Sister’s of the People Society manages the following:

a. 18 balwaries with approx. 1000 slum children
b. Handling Thrift and Gift shops
c. Book Shop

2. Masla Centre (Hand ground masalas) employment to poor women’s
3. Naturopathy Centre with Ayurvedic Centre
4. Library
5. Homeopathic Centre
6. Allopathic Poly Clinic
7. Vocational Centre (Urban and Rural)
8. Relief & Rehabilitation wing for widows
9. Elder’s Home (Godhuli)